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With over 35 species of corn, 2000 varieties of potatoes, and 650 native species of fruit, Peru is an important center for genetic diversity. But many of the hardy plant species held in honored positions in Indian society for thousands of years were deliberately replaced by European species after the Spanish Conquest. Fortunately in the high Andes, the ancient influences still persist, and unique and highly nutritious grains such as amaranth, quinoa, and kañiwa are now available to the outside world. This is especially beneficial today as many people become more sensitized to the over-produced and engineered foods found in common western diets.

Zócalo has sourced several alternative grains & flours that add wonderful flavor and texture to all baking. They are also naturally gluten-free and offer many other health benefits. All of these grains and flours are available in food services sizes. Download our Andean Heritage Catalog to learn more about all of the available flours.

Available grains and flours:
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Available upon request:

Kañiwa Grain
Mesquite (Algarrobo) Flour
Purple Corn Flour
Sweet Potato Flour

Purple Corn, Whole dried
Lucuma Flour
Yacon Flour
Quinoa Flour & Grain
Kaniwa Flour
Amaranth Flour